API Keys v1

Looking for instructions on how to create an API Key?

Check the Authentication section.

What is an API Key?

An API Key is how the Sliko's API (https://api.sliko.io/v1) identifies your request(s).

An API Key belongs to a single company.

A company can have multiple API Keys.


Each request made by any key belonging to a company counts towards that company's quota for the current billing period.


Requests made by others for your brand/info DO NOT count towards your limit, only the ones made by your API Key(s).

Unwanted API Key usage

Currently we don't support CORS requests from a different origin other then the company website.

This means, an API Key belonging to the company LEY with the domain ley.pt can only be used from the same origin.

Making a request from an unauthorized origin will return 401:

  "statusCode": 401,
  "message": "You are not authorized.",
  "error": "Unauthorized"

Invalid Key

If your API Key is invalid the response will be a 404:

  "statusCode": 404,
  "message": "API Key is invalid.",
  "error": "Not Found"

Disabled Key

If the key has been disabled (or over the limit) the response will be a 401:

  "statusCode": 401,
  "message": "Limit has been reached.",
  "error": "Unauthorized"

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