Authentication v1


In order to authenticate with Sliko you'll only need to:

Create a company API Key
Add the apiKey header


Make sure you have at least Editor access in order to view and manage the company API Keys.

Creating an API Key

Go to your dashboard and scroll down to the API Keys section:

Create a new API Key, write a meaningful label as this is the only way you can differentiate between each key.

Once the API key is created it'll be automatically copied to your clipboard.

The API Key is displayed only once, now. Therefore, copy and keep this key somewhere safe but accessible. If you lose this key, you can delete it and generate a new one.

It'll look something like this:


This key is for demonstration purposes only and not inteded for normal use.

Add the apiKey Header

In order to authenticate with the Sliko API you'll need to add the apiKey header:

  import axios from 'axios'

  const result = await axios.get('',
      headers: {
        apiKey: '3dc4c48b-55ac-46bf-9fc6-4ea6d7023285'
curl -i -H "apiKey: <YOUR_API_KEY>" -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json"

That's it! You can now start making requests.

For more information related to API Keys, please check the previous section.

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