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Hello, welcome to the official Sliko API documentation website.

Here we'll show you the step-by-step how to integrate with the Sliko platform.

Night owl? You can toggle between the DARK and LIGHT modes: 

Available Integrations

Frontend SDKs and a customizable Wordpress plugin available soon.

Limits & Caching

Each request counts towards your limit for the current billing period.

We never disable your API key due to traffic spikes, if you exceed your limit consistently we will let you know you should upgrade.

Don't store image URLs indefinitely as they have an expiration date.

Always make a new request to be sure you render each logo/brand correctly.


Some resources are only available on certain tiers, check the pricing section for more info.

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If you have any questions, feature requests or problems feel free to create an issue on GitHub, or contact us

Ready to Start?

Read how API Keys work or jump into Authentication to start using the Sliko API.

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